What is a Figure of Speech?

A page dedicated to answering this question, as well as, to investigating what came first figure or figure of speech as a term.

Figures of Speech: Definitions

The figures discussed in the blog posts — and others! — will appear here with a brief, clear, if loose definitions, accompanied by a couple of my own examples (to show that crafting these thingamajig-whatsits isn’t as hard as it may seem).

Book Sources

Books on rhetoric and writing that I refer to when writing this blog.

Online Sources

Online sources on rhetoric and figures of speech. Updated when I come across something useful.

List of Featured Quotes

Overview of the quotes that have been featured in the posts. Updated weekly.

List of Featured Authors

Overview of the authors whose quotes are featured in the posts. Updated weekly.


Curious about the illustrations? Take a look here for sources, more information on the images, and additional short commentary (not all of which appeared in the posts!).


What this site is about.

Questions Page

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